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Encyclopedia of Chess Ending Volume 1

Encyclopedia of Chess Endings ECE I – Pawn Endings, 2nd edition, Hardcover, 455 pages.


Chess Informant 133

Chess informant, includes top recent games played in high level chess tournament with detailed analyze by masters.


Chess Informant 134

Chess informant 134, includes top recent games played in high level chess tournament with detailed analyze by masters.


Encyclopedia of Chess Ending Volume 2

Encyclopedia of Chess Endings, ECE lV: Queen Endings 1800 endings, 446 pages, 1st edition 1989.


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Review what my students tell about my and my method of teaching chess.

David Makarczyk

It is about 1.5 years that Navid is my coach, My rating was below 1000 and now it is about 1650, recently I draw a game with 2100 in uruguay world youth chess championship, please see my posts.

Dhruvan G.

I have started chess with Mr. Navid, I didnt know what is En Passant, within 2 years my rating is around 1700 now, some of my games analyzed by Mr Navid, please look at my posts in news section

Ronia Alirezaee

I had no clue what is chess, within 6 months, I know chess, I know how to play and I know opening rules, can solve many tactical chess puzzles and now start winning at chess. I found many good friends by learning chess.

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