I am electrical engineer and my passion is chess, I learnt chess at age 7 from my father and got my Fide rating at age 20 by beating FM, IM and draw against GM. My first Fide rating was 2222! and  I never had a serious coach. 

I was inactive player for about 10 years until moved to Canada on 2015 and started to play few games recently, now my CFC rating is 2241 . 

Some Highlights in my chess career:

  • Shared First under 16 in Iran with GM Ehsan GhaemMaghami
  • Shared First under 18 in Iran with GM Morteza Mahjob
  • Winner of Caspian Sea border universities, in 2001 won against GM Dzhakay Dzhakaev
  • Winner of many national trophies
  • Winner of south west Ontario Open on 2016 with performance 2351

I have special way of teaching chess, my students hunts medals in many national and international events and increase their rating quickly because I teach them to understand chess and find move in each and every position. I never provide a general lessons for students, I review their games thoroughly like a Dr who diagnosing a disease, run them through various chess programs and finally develop a unique training set suitable for them to grow rapidly.



I can firmly say that once a student complete my comprehensive chess courses and work hard as per the training schedule, he/she can definitely become a strong chess player within shortest period of time.

Chess is a game of unlimited beauty but it is not just checks and attack, you have to be creative and you will enjoy once you create something. 

First you need to understand the rules very well but after that, you have to understand when exception occurs and how to break the rules...

Some of My Top Games


Navid Vs GM Alexander Cherniaev

I started very strongly an open tournament in Ceasar hotel in Windsor. Up to round 5, my performance was above 2600. GM Alexander Cherniaev from Romania was my opponet on round 3 and played dragon sicilian but played a6 and delayed castle which was unknown to me, I usually play with zero preparation and this game is not exception. It was a nice tactical game at the beginning and I won the game with very good technique in End game.

Navid Vs GM Dzhakay Dzhakaev

Caspian sea border universities tournament took place in 2002 and I won this tournament with score 4.5 out of 5 games by winning against GM Dzhakay Dzhakaev in a very tactical game.