If you do not have enough time & budget to attend to chess training classes by master, there are still ways to improve but may take longer. There are plenty of books categorized in various level. I would suggest buy those and start reading. Do not buy all at once, one at a time and see how do you improve. I also suggest free consultation if you are really interested in chess, do not hesitate to contact me.

~ Navid

Chess Books for rating 0 ~ 1000

Jump from 1000 to 1500 in one year!

Improve your chess 1500 to 2000 

Jumpg beyound 2000 rating

Modern Chess Strategy

Modern Chess Strategy

It is a book take you beyond the 2000 rating, you will understand different concept in modenr chess, a lot of good example and it improves your thinking process   Buy This Book
Dynamic Chess Strategy

Dynamic Chess Strategy

Chess is a game of strategy without that you won't be successful, you may play in brilliant way in one game but lose in another easily. The most important thing in chess is you need to undrestand what is advantage, where and when do you have advantage and how to convert. Beleive me, Read This Book
Modern Chess Move by Move

Move By Move

In order to get in near master level you have to minimize your mistakes and try to accumolate advantages, it is time to forget cheap tactics and try to think more long term. You have to undrestand chess move by move otherwise you won't jump above 2100. This book helps you a lot