20 year’s ago IBM’s Deep Blue computer stunned the world by becoming the first Artificial Intelligence to beat Gary Kaasparov world chess champion in a six-game match. After that many companies invested on chess engines and very sophisticated and strong engines appeared Fritz is well-known name for many players 5 years after, in October of 2002, Vladimir Kramnik and Deep Fritz were locked in battle in the Brains in Bahrain match. It marked the first match between a world champion and a chess engine running on consumer-grade hardware, although its eight-processor machine was fairly exotic at the time.
Ultimately, Kramnik and Fritz played to a 4-4 tie in the 8 games match. Of course, we know that today the world champion would be crushed in a similar match against a modern computer. These type of chess engines totally changed our opening and they way to think in chess, thinking about small advantage and avoid risks and positional sacrifice, BUT …

A new Chess Engine was born a week back that is totally different than other traditional one like Fritz, Hudini, Rybka or Stockfish etc. This Engine or better to say Artificial Intelligent machine developed by Google deepmind and named Alphago Zero where Zero means start from zero knowledge. Only the rule of moves have been told the AI the reset have been figured out by reinforcement algorithm. A match took place between Stockfish and Alphago Zero and Stockfish lost without single win! Now we look at a game that is played on Dec 6th, it brings you back to the old ages of chess, it remind me my hero Michael Tal. This Engines learnt chess by playing against itslef and built some knowledge in just 24 hours!!

(It is to be considered that the level of CPU for these two engine might not be exact same however following game is very interesting.)

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