Chess to be stuided like other sciences...

Free chess training modules

Pawn Endgame

I will teach you how to win/draw pawn endgame without need to calculate couple moves ahead, by using simple visualization tricks

Free Pawn Endgame Lessons & Training

Rook Vs Pawn

I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to utilize your pawn advantage in a Rook + Pawn vs. Rook endgame.

Free Rook Training Material

Queen Vs Rook

Queen & King Vs King and Rook is a force win however, this endgame is probably one of the trickiest endings in chess.

Classic Games

Chess can be learn easily by reviewing classical games, because ideas in their game are very obvious.

Tactical Motifs

99% of chess is tactic, Even strongly positional players should be aware of the tactical resources hidden in the position...

Chess Strategy

Chess is strategical game, without knowledge in strategy means going to a dark forest without any torch...