Rook Endgames are most sophisticated endings

Rook endings are occur more often in the practical game of chess and having theorical knowledge of this type of endgame is highly important for advanced player

Rook & Pawn Vs Rook

Rook & Pawn Vs Rook is simplest form of Rook ending. But even on this simplest form without a firm knowledge of the basic rook ending, understanding of rook endgame is impossible.

Pawn on 7th Rank

When a pawn is on 7th rank win is possible almost always. However sometimes defender can defend the position by checking opponent's king by the side that considered as long.

Pawn on 6th Rank

The rule of long and short still is applied if the long side is at least two files. However always there are exceptions, e.g. it depends where weaker side's king is located, if the king is on 6th rank there are possibilities of win...

Pawn on the 5th rank

Emanuel Lasker proved than central pawn on the fifth rank can be drawn even from the shorter side. e.g. Black: Kc8, Rc1. White: Kc6,c5, Rh2. Black can draw by playing King to b8...

Rook Pawn

With a rook pawn most of the cases are draw specially when the weaker side king is in front of the pawn. Win only possible in few cases where king or rook are placed badly or king is too far to help...

Philidor & Lucena positions

The Lucena & Philidor positions are the most famous and important positions in chess endgame theory, when stronger side has king under the pawn in 7th rank and weaker side has rook behind the pawn. Weaker side should try to reach Philidor position to draw...

Rook endgame includes many theorical positions, some of them can befind in the therical database for free for you, in chess class we will see almost all necessary information of this type of endgame.