Are you ready for some challenges ?

I have seen many players stuck in between 1500 to 1900 Fide rating and stay in this range for a long period of time. They will practice more and more but in one tournament they play good, in another they play bad and overall they remain in same rating range even though they practice. Why!?

Many players do not know where is their problem, they have issue in their thought process but spent their time and effort on opening or they try to solve thousands puzzles every day which does not help them at all.

Chess is science and need to be studied same as other sciences. I will help you to understand it then you would be able to create your own opening and enjoy finding good moves in any position arises in your game.

I will study your games thoroughly and will give you homework on specific subjects where you have weakness on. I highlight and identify your mistake and we will attack together on your weaknesses! I am pretty sure after few month you will really feel how much you improved and your rating will jump !!